Alexander loves the authenticity of his 1894 townhome in New York, but similar to many historic homes, age can present problems – particularly with the windows. The original wood-frame, double hung windows have very poor insulation, resulting in drafty rooms and high energy bills.

“They are so drafty that I was desperately looking for a solution.  And I didn’t want to replace them, because then I’d lose the flair of the old wood frames,” Alexander said.

Not only would Alexander lose the flair, but he would also need permission from Landmark, the organization that governs historic properties in New York City, in order to replace the existing windows.

After researching for a solution, Alexander ordered an interior storm window insert made with an acrylic plastic sheet surrounded by compression tube.  While the product was not overly attractive it did make a difference, but Alexander wasn’t completely satisfied.  “I only started out with acrylic plastic window inserts because it was the only thing I could find that made sense,” said Alexander.

 It wasn’t until Alexander ordered and installed his first QUANTAPANELS, that he noticed the QUANTAPANEL difference.

 “I bought three to start with and was completely impressed. I then ordered four more and now the entire back side of my house has QUANTAPANELs installed on the windows.”


QUANTAPANELS can be installed by a certified contractor or the product can be shipped directly and installed by the customer. Alexander opted for a DIY installation, as he does most of the work on his home himself.

However when ordering the acrylic window inserts, Alexander couldn’t do the measurements himself. The company required someone come out and do the measurements before Alexander got the product, and the closest company representative was three hours away.


The QUANTAPANEL is a secondary sash system, so once installed it operates cohesively with your existing windows.  Customers can still open their windows in the warm weather and never have to worry about reinstallation. The product can even be ordered with a screen.

Alexander could not open his windows once the plexiglass inserts were installed.  And while customers can take the product in an out with relative ease, Alexander had an issue with storage.

“Once they are in, you can’t open the window. And we don’t have enough storage space to take them out for the summer.” 


After Alexander installed the additional four QUANTAPANEL’s – totaling seven – in fall 2014, his gas heating bill dropped by 45 percent.

“It’s a far more superior product. No question about it,” said Alexander.

He plans to order four more QUANTAPANEL’s this spring to replace the plexiglass inserts in the front of his house.  Once installed, his entire house – except for one storage room – will have QUANTAPANEL’s.

 “I have been recommending QUANTAPANEL to all my neighbors,” he said. “If you don’t want to replace beautiful old windows, but also don’t want to live with the draft they come with - QUANTAPANEL is definitely your answer.”



See the QUANTAPANEL 600 Series Specifications.

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