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Customer Experience -- Low-e Storm Windows for Historic Home

Posted by Jay Reyher

Jun 23, 2018 11:11:36 AM

Susan lives in New Jersey.  We asked her to share her experience buying direct from QUANTA and arranging for her contractor to install.  Here is what she told a prospective customer, LeeAnne from Washington, DC:

You’re making a great choice with Quantapanel windows. I’ll answer your questions in order.

  1. We installed 15 windows (model 504) on the second floor of our 1906 American Foursquare in the fall of 2016. Our plan was to install them on the 1st and 3rd floors this past spring but we have since relocated out of state. I left all the information with our buyers and highly recommended they follow through with the completion. We had them installed by our contractor with whom we already had a working relationship. He removed the old storms and painted the trim before installing the Quantapanels.
This is the recommendation I left with our buyers:

“In the fall of 2016 we installed Quantapanel insulating glass storm windows on the second floor.  https://www.quantapanel.com/residential/ These storm windows preserve the historical appearance of the home and are more efficient and come at a fraction of the cost of thermal pane replacement windows. Plus they can be installed in a day. I can’t express the difference these made not only for our comfort, but they blocked sounds from the outside and reduced our heating bills substantially. These are the same kind of storms that are installed in historic homes and I researched them thoroughly. Our plan was to have Quantapanel storm windows installed on the first and third floors this spring, but due to our relocation we did not. All information on the cost to do the remaining windows is in the house file.  I cannot recommend them to you more strongly.”

Mark from Quanta was a pleasure to work with. He helped me choose the right windows and then communicated with my contractor who did the final measure before I placed the order. Mark remained in contact with me throughout and after their installation. The customer service is excellent. Over the winter a bird flew into the upper sash on one of the windows and left a hairline crack. I contacted Mark and he immediately sent a replacement sash.

The windows are easy to lift and lower because the tracks have a nice smooth glide to them. I did not have any experience cleaning them.

They are of the highest quality. Holding up great.

We noticed immediately a dramatic decrease in outside noise. And all drafts were eliminated. The second floor of our house was 100% more comfortable than it was with the old aluminum storms.

Three things

  1. The windows look great from the outside and preserve the historic look of the home. The home has the original large pane wavy glass which we never considered replacing. We only wanted storm windows.

  2. They are far more efficient than the newer Anderson thermopane windows that the prior owner installed in the kitchen during a remodel.

  3. Even though we never considered window replacement I did cost compare and the cost of each window plus installation was about 1/5 of what it would cost for wood replacement windows.

I have nothing negative to say about them.  Absolutely, we were 100% satisfied with them and I would not consider any other option in a future home so long as the original windows are in good working condition.

Go for it LeeAnne, you’ll love your new windows, your lower hvac costs,  and you’ll love working with Quanta.


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